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Begira Elkartea is a sociocultural community that brings together independent professionals from the arts, the audiovisual sector and collaborative pedagogy. What brings us together is our interest in stimulating the imagination, activating a critical perspective and investigating and exploring new forms of expression in the territories of contemporary creativity. Our activity is oriented towards designing projects, creating and managing events and other socio-cultural services and activities. 


We bring audiovisual culture to the public with the conviction that mastering this language is a tool for empowering and developing critical thinking and a stimulus for boosting talent and collective intelligence. We transform the mastery of audiovisual language and its educational aspects into different awareness and education programmes for social transformation.


We organise Zinetxiki Zinemaldia, the International Film Festival for Children and Youth, and Bilbao International Zinema School Fest, the International Festival for Cinema Schools' Students.


In addition, we design educational programmes aimed at school groups, which build on the academic curriculum, and are focused on the development of the creative potential of each person. We work on values such as social integration, coexistence, human rights, school harassment, gender equality, responsible consumption, and respect for the environment among others.

We develop ad-hoc projects in collaboration with public institutions, the education community and other entities of civil society.

Our way of bringing cultural contents to society, mainly through audiovisual media, seeks to promote knowledge through tools that stimulate the intelligence, as well as the innate talent of each person.