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            Masterclass and express workshop of creation of animated stories (didactic work in groups).

·My name with special effects of animation:

           Each child may animate his name in different versions, which allows an approach of the little ones to the principles of the animation. Once we master the principles of this exercise, the animation will be completed with a small game that consists of naming a series of objects (house, bird, tree, mountain, sun) that will have to draw and color to configure the scene of a landscape in movement.

·My first movie:

            There are several levels in this section. We have basic workshop which begins with a brief presentation for the young children and everyone introduces themselves. Based on a simple proposal, the participants will be able to develop their creativity (each participant will get a word to represent). And they may creat the story with conflicts based on the created images to make the final film.

·Make up and Characterization:

        The children are taught to create different characters from the characterizations using the cinematographic make-up products to creat people of different ages, animals, creation of fictional characters, tricks, etc.

·Silent Film Workshop:

          We present the construction of the basic supports that were used in the first years of the history of the cinematography (early of the camera obscura, taumatropo, flipbook, zootropo.)

·Stop Motion animation:

        The short animated stories are created from the inanimate objects through the succession of successive still images that are moving following the rhythm of a soundtrack. 


        The basic techniques will be given so that the participants in this workshop can make a small story giving life to a sequence of photographic images.

·A story on screen:

           A popular story chosen with using different techniques of animation. The scenes of the story  will be put on a scenographic background previously constructed by the participants.

·Music and cinema:

           A animation film will be created based on a preselected music with its accompanying the rhythm of the melody. In this workshop we work on aspects such as image, sound, narration and final editing.


          A song is selected from which an animated music video will be created with characters drawn by the participants in this workshop. Each musician of the band will be represented in movement from preformed templates.

·My first movie (advanced version):

           Cinematographic concepts such as script writing, camera management, basic lighting and sound concepts, story board are handled. The roles are distributed among the participants, teams are organized, the sequences are recorded, the sound is assembled, and finally the final result is visualized in a short film format.